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Mistral Sweather New Wave

Mistral's Retro Wave Collection for 2021

Inspired by the Original Art of Resident Hawaiian Artist, Russell Davidson.

The Mistral rainbow-wave, created by artist Russell Davidson in the late 1970s, reflected the colours and the mood of the times. Optimistic, joyous, playful, and tropical in feel, this now famous insignia, remains a part of Mistral folklore. Originally created for the Mistral produced, Rick Naish designed Kailua and Naish boards together with Pat Love sails, the now famous insignia found its way onto Mistral clothing and accessories, bringing a much-loved Hawaiian 'Aloha' feel to the European based brand. Today, that's recreated through our superb line of high-quality garments, including sweatshirts, tees, shorts, bags, and footwear.
Mistral 2021 45-year Celebratory Calendar
Mistral's intoxicating marketing imagery of the 80s, rocked the windsurfing world to its very core, recorded forevermore through the lens and eyes of photographer, Ulli Seer. Our 2021 45-year Celebratory Calendar is a month by month kaleidoscope of windsurfing imagery, a visual feast and dreamscape of water life and living the Mistral way for you to enjoy and as the months pass, consider framing your favourite poster images behind glass to enjoy the moment each and every day. For an impression of the Mistral 2021 45-year Celebratory Calendar please click here.

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